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While working in the USA in the late 1990s, David created the concept of Naked Leadership® and after several years of research and development, offered it to the Australian market in 2001, where it was immediately adopted by innovative organisations like Virgin Blue, as a core program for their leaders.

David believes that being a leader shouldn't be difficult and uses a variety of tools, techniques and methods to help make your workplace more harmonious and your leaders better communicators and coaches.

The author of NAKED LEADERSHIP is David Bentley, a postgraduate-educated facilitator and corporate speaker who has broad experience as a leader and senior manager both in Australia and overseas.

Incorporating the latest research in Human Factors - the science of human workplace behaviour, communication and error management into into his workshops and keynotes, David dispels many of the old but stubborn myths about how to get the best from people, while delvering an entertaining and insightful sesson.

Keynotes? Workshops? David can help!

"David Bentley is an inspired presenter with a passion for leadership development."

Former Head of People - Virgin Blue Airlines

David and his colleagues at NAKED LEADERSHIP and their partner companies, can offer you solutions to all your people needs.

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