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"Research indicates that hiring by 'gut feeling' can be wrong                up to 75% of the time...     Now that's expensive!

If you are a small to medium business without an HR department  - We can help you to find the right people and keep them!

All of the key skills without the overhead...

We can help with:

o   Effectively scoping job requirements 
o   Screening & psychometric testing using Extended DISC,
o   Interview preparation and interview and assessment skills and systems
o   Developing behavioural standards
o   Probationary mentoring and coaching
o   Performance management and even dismissal
Knowing the rules and how to get the best outcome is critical.

Our experienced recruiters, HR specialists and leadership experts                     can give you the big company advantage, for a fraction of the


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Recruiting and 'onboarding' new employees can be a complex business to get right.